Cars On Nigerian Roads Hit 11.8 Million In One Year


The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) says there were about 11.8 million licensed cars on Nigeria’s roads as at Q4 2018, compared to 11.6 million in the corresponding period of 2017.
This is contained in NBS report released recently.
According to the report, Nigeria witnessed a 2 per cent increase in the number of licensed cars Year- on -Year; that is between Q4 of 2018 and Q4 2017, respectively.
The NBS report disclosed that as at Q4 2018, commercial cars recorded the highest numbers of licensed cars on Nigeria’s roads, having made up 41% of the total cars.
Diplomatic cars recorded the least number of licensed cars, constituting of just 0.05% of the total licensed cars in Nigeria.
“With an estimated population of 198 million, Nigeria’s vehicle per population ratio is 0.06. Similarly, the Bureau’s report shows that 630,868 drivers’ licenses were produced in 2018″, the report said.
A total of 185,883 national drivers licenses were produced in Q4 2018.
The number of recorded fresh licenses was 75,446, the number of renewed licenses and reissued licenses stood at 14,802, while the number plate production was put at 135,505 in Q4 2018.
The report disclosed that with an increase in one car for every six people in Nigeria, the number of cars may have increased as at the fourth quarter of 2018.
Lagos State, according to the report, leads states with highest number of driver’s license produced.In Q 2018, 42,402 licenses were produced, representing 22.8% of the total licenses produced.
Abuja (FCT) and Oyo State ranked second and third respectively with the highest number of driver’s license produced. FCT recorded 20,573 (11.1%) while Oyo State recorded 11.757 licenses representing 6.3% of the total licenses produced with the period under review.