‘Only Aerodrome Experts Can Rate Airports’


The Managing Director, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Eng. Saleh Dunoma, has said that only experts in aerodrome and other areas of specialisation in aviation are people that are qualified to rate airports.
He said that the bodies that are qualified to rate the airports are professional bodies like the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NACA), the Airport Council International (ACI) experts or the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
Dunoma who disclosed this while speaking to aviation correspondents on Tuesday, said that these are the people that have the tools to rate airports.
“I have seen other people rating airports, but I don’t consider that kind of rating professional, because you go there, look at an airport and make comments, and you say you are rating airports.
“There are standards tools by ICAO, ACI, and NCAA to rate the airports. The NCAA visits the airports every day and come with ratings and these agencies are specialised. They have experts in safety, rescue, security, facilitation and aerodrome standards.
“They will go to the airport and look at it. These experts go to the airport, look at specific things and come back with ratings, and after these they will tell you if it is below standard, or what need to be improved upon.
“Implementation of the plans is done under safety standards. For example, the APEX on safety that we did in Lagos and Abuja, experts came from various countries, and they looked at the airports. They will come to the airport and we allow them to have access to everywhere, and they will access and see the areas that are lagging behind”, he said.
According to the FAAN boss, the rating professional will look and observe what is on ground, and ensure that it tallies with what is in the books.
“If you say you want airports that can land Boeing B747 aircraft, then they will access you based on that critical aircraft and whether or not do you have enough manpower to handle it, whether you have the right runway and parking space, among others “, Dunoma said.

Corlins Walter