‘Lagos Ports Lack Facilities For Digital Operations’


Former National Deputy President of Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), Mr Emenike Nwokeoji, says Lagos ports lack facilities for digital operations because the digital cargo clearing system cannot work in Lagos ports due to volume of cargo.
Nwokeoji noted that Apapa Port which was built 60 years ago has had no improvement or modernisation to accommodate facilities for digital operations.
He pointed out that instead of improving on the port, government had  succeeded in bringing in manufacturers into the port even when there is no rail system in the port to evacuate goods.
The former ANLCA boss said Tin Can Port has also been crowded with manufacturers with different vessels bringing different materials, especially finished products.
Nwokeoji in, a statement made available to The Tide on Wednesday noted that the only thing that could salvage the situation at the Apapa and Tin Can ports is the construction of a rail system.
“We now have people manufacturing in the port, that is not what that place was designed for. Even if they are to do that, the rail system by now is supposed to have been moving up to 60 percent of cargo out of the port”, he said.
According to him, “Now the rail system is totally collapsed, Tin Can is not serviced by any rail system; meanwhile Tin Can is being taken over by manufacturers. So, you have vessels coming in with all materials, you will have vessels coming to take finished products; you will have vessels coming for container not to talk of vessels coming for the stolen products.
“All these things were not there before now. The petroleum products have no business coming into Apapa or Tin Can; we have 100 kilometers of shore line.
“Places like Epe, you can push the tank farm there, let the Tin Can terminal be only for containers and maybe cargos”.