Surveyor Seeks Review Of Lagos Survey Edict


Former Executive Secretary, Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS), Lagos State Chapter, MrAkomolafeAdemola, has called for a review of the Lagos State Survey Edict of 1984.
He told newsmen yesterday in Lagos, that the review would help accommodate new developments and enhance urban growth of the state.
Ademola said that the review of the law would also help to liberalise operations of land surveyors in the state.
According to him, the 1984 Edict restricts operations and services of surveyors to certain areas in the state designated as “Government Reserved Areas”.
He said the restriction demoralised the surveyors in discharging their duties and had even discouraged many from practicing the profession within the state.
“If the government can review the law and liberalise operations of surveyors, they will be able to work in all areas within the state.
“It will motivate more people to practise the profession within the state and increase contribution of the profession to the nation’s development,” he said.
Ademola also urged the state to liberalise the process of obtaining Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) to encourage operation and activities of the land surveyors in the state.
He said that the delays, difficulties, financial requirements and other challenges encountered in the process of getting the C of O had discouraged many people and equally stopped people from engaging the services of the surveyors.
“It is only when developers and landowners get the C of O and secure ownership of the land that they can think of engaging the services of surveyors for the land,” he explained.
Ademola, therefore, urged the state government to make the process of getting C of O less cumbersome to encourage easy access and comprehensive development of the state.