Ignorance, Misconception, Major Setback To Renewable Energy – Experts


Energy experts have identified ignorance and misconception as major setbacks to the adoption of renewable energy in Nigeria.
An engineer of solar energy, Ayo Adenigba, and, energy researcher at Nexgen Energy and Allied Services, Mrs Ruth Ifah disclosed this in Ibadan at the weekend.
Adenigba stated that the major issue that needed to be addressed in the country in terms of the deployment of renewable energy was the lack of up-to-date information on technology and its possibilities.
“Although there is a widespread awareness of the potentials of renewable energy, there are lots of misconceptions about the technologies used in harnessing this energy; photovoltaic (solar) cells are perceived to be incapable of powering industrial loads.
“That is not the case anymore, we now have large scale `multi megawatt’ solar and wind power stations across the world powering cities and industries.
“The technology in harnessing the renewable sources and particularly, solar energy itself, has improved rapidly, making the deployment very attractive.
“There is also the conservative approach to purchasing Renewable Energy (RE) products on the premise that it might not work, since they have no experience with such technology before,” he said.
Adenigba, however, said that although a lot of policies were in place to encourage private investors in the renewable energy industries, the framework was still not clear enough to guarantee return on investment, hence the little investment being made in the industry.