The Immorality Of Economic Sabotage: The Case Of Tonye Cole

Omoku Gas Turbine, one of the Rivers State assets sold by the Amaechi administration..

To seek the highest political office of any state, there are certain legal and moral requirements that a contestant must meet. The legal requirements are spelt out in the constitution and other extant laws. The courts will determine who is qualified to seek the people’s mandate.
But members of the public have the right to determine the moral qualifications of any contestant. For the sacked Factional Rivers APC Governorship Candidate, Tonye Cole, his political personality reeks of economic sabotage and betrayal of the people.
Tonye Cole has not only destroyed the economic fundamentals of Rivers State, he has damaged the economy of the country. He is one of those who plotted the ugly destruction of the power sector, contributing in very disturbing measures, to the unending power failures across the country.
Just as Sahara Energy Limited teamed up with Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi to fatally rape Rivers State, so did the company rape the country.
On several occasions, Tonye Cole and his deadly Sahara Energy Limited (Amaechi’s Business Partners) have been in the news for very ugly reasons. They play unsavoury roles in the gradual decimation of Egbin Power Plant which was allegedly acquired in ways that were detrimental to the economic health of the nation.
The following link shows the modus operandi of Sahara Energy Limited: .
Reading through the piece: “ learnt that the $1.2 Billion asset was purchased for a paltry sum of $470 million with the connivance of some rogue officials. General rule of thumb, according to our source, is a million dollars per megawatt hour, and for Egbin with 1320MW installed capacity and with potential to increase capacity to 2000MW, the asset should have been valued north of $1.2billion.
This does not take into account the housing estate, private school and vast land claimed by Sahara to be part of the sale.InvestigkjjJzjgjzators said Sahara Energy made over $2Billion from the Oil swap deal alone”.
The above alleged quoted profits were made by Sahara Energy Limited in very anti-people circumstances by the Tonye Cole’s controlled company. Ever since, the company has been at loggerheads with workers of the power plant as the workers are routinely short-changed because of the under-the-table techniques of Sahara Energy Limited.
As a result of the alleged fraudulent activities of Sahara Energy Limited, the National Union of Electricity Employees ( NUEE) declared during one of its numerous protests that Tonye Cole is unfit to hold public office or lead Rivers State as a governor. According to them, workers would be at the receiving end should Tonye Cole be allowed to emerge as the Governor of Rivers State.
The under-the-table unprofessional business techniques of Tonye Cole was applied in Rivers State. Working with his Oga, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, Tonye Cole used three subsidiaries to acquire valued state assets for Sahara Energy Limited. Thank God for the courageous men and women at the Rivers State Executive Council, this unholy acquisitions have been terminated in the best interest of Rivers State.
When Tonye Cole comes forward to discuss issues of development, he thinks that Rivers People are oblivious of the extremely dirty roles he played as a key business associate of the failed Amaechi administration. Through the embezzlement of state funds by the administration, Rivers people were denied vital infrastructure and state assets. Governor Wike, therefore, started from the scratch to rebuild infrastructure and state assets.
Rivers State was so battered by Amaechi that the Former Governor confessed that then incoming Governor Wike will not see funds to pay salaries, let alone execute projects. This confession was made on live television to the shock of all Nigerians.
After assuming the reins of governance, the first step taken by Governor Wike was to fix the roads of Port Harcourt and Obio/Akpor. They were so bad that even roads in the old GRA were riddled with potholes. Governor Wike had to declare Operation Zero Potholes.
As I write, there is no local government area where Governor Wike has not planted key projects in infrastructure, health, education or land reclamation. Life in Rivers State has been re-invigorated with the right foundation set for expansion.
Beyond this ungodly and immoral grand-standing by the sacked Factional Rivers State APC Governorship Candidate is the immediate need for him to apologise to Rivers people and Nigerians for being involved in economic sabotage. The wealth he has amassed like Zaccheus will be of no use until he embarks on restitution.
The consequences of economic sabotage are known to all of us. While the direct beneficiaries laugh to the banks, the vast majority of Rivers people wallow in abject poverty and pains.
Even though Amaechi planned and predicted doom for Rivers State under the leadership of Governor Wike, the Rivers State Governor has proved him wrong by justifying the mandate of the people. He has kept faith by paying salaries, pensions and created vast employment opportunities. Through political and economic engineering, well over 120, 000 Rivers people are on the payroll of the Rivers State Government in all the 4442 polling stations of the state. The empowerment programmes for civil servants, women and youths have taken firm root.
I was shocked that Tonye Cole requested that Governor Wike should publish his list of achievements. At the risk of sounding immodest, Governor Wike is Nigeria’s best performing governor. There’s no state in this dispensation that has rolled out the number of projects under Wike’s belt. I will remind Cole that the Former Leadership of Rivers State APC formally wrote to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo not to commission projects in Rivers State because his enthronement of Wike as Mr Projects destablised the party. Helpfully, Cole is still in Rivers State. He should step down his high horse and make inquiries. Otherwise, he should ask Google. The pictorial and video proofs of Wike’s projects are everywhere online.
As things stand today, Tonye Cole lacks both the moral and legal grounds to discuss the governorship race of Rivers State. He is not yet a candidate and he is involved in the economic strangulation of the state.
However, whatever the case, Wike will be re-elected on the strength of his achievements. He has changed the narrative and placed Rivers State on a platform of growth. This is why there is virtually no space for the APC to manoeuvre. Rivers people are satisfied with Governor Wike. Tonye Cole, should seek the face of God to address his moral inadequacies. In this matter, the prefix, Pastor, is useless. Only restitution will place him on the right path.
Nwakaudu is Special Assistant to Rivers State Governor on Electronic Media.

Simeon Nwakaudu