How Do Rivers Residents Feel About 2018?


The year 2018 has come and gone but events that shaped and characterised the year continue to resonate across the horizon. Of significance is the fact that most Nigerians found the year most excruciating.
Our correspondent went to town to feel the pulse of Nigerians residing in Rivers State concerning the year.

Mr Kelechi Onyekachukwu
The year 2018, nothing good came out of it for Nigerians, rather it brought poverty, misery to the masses, so many calamities. There is nothing we can talk about in the year 2018 as being good.
In Nigeria, the year 2018, there were so many bloodshed all over the country and worst of it all was that President Buhari was not even bothered about these killings as he refused to do something to stop the killings.
President Muhammadu Buhari messed up Nigeria by not talking about the killings going on in the country, especially the whole lot that died in the North. As a result, Nigerians are not happy with his leadership.
The only good thing I experienced in Nigeria in the year 2018 was the grace of God upon my life, because without the grace of God, I would have been a dead man. Looking back at the year 2018, many young people died as a result of starvation, some cannot provide one square meal in a day, but despite that, I am a survivor and still alive today.
As a resident in Rivers State, the only good thing that I enjoyed in the state is good road network.

Mr Alhaji Taiwo Quadry
I did not see anything good in the year 2018. Since I was born, I experienced the Buhari regime in 1983, during his reign in the military government. As Civilian President of Nigeria, it has always been one suffering after the other.
I remember in 1983 when Buhari took over government from Shagari, during that period, there was lot of hardship in the land to the extent that when women finished washing corn for Akamu, we would turn the shaft which we call ‘eri,’ to garri and we will make it to eat.
Now again, since 2015 when President Muhammadu Buhari came into office as President of Nigeria, things have not changed. The same style he used in ruling Nigeria in hardship and poverty is the same style he has decided to adopt again.
Today, there is hunger and suffering everywhere, for how long only God can tell. I haven’t seen anything good he has done since 1983 up to this time as President of Nigeria.
The President said he is fighting corruption, but directing the fight to only the opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Anybody that steals money while in PDP and decamps to the All Progressives Party (APC) is free as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) no longer goes after them. Why is it that only PDP members are corrupt in the whole country? This is the corruption that Mr President is fighting, too bad.
The only good part of the year 2018 that puts smiles on our faces is in Rivers State where we reside, as Chief Nyesom Wike is rated one of the best Governors in the country. I said this because among the 36 State Governors, he has uniquely distinguished himself through his performance in the area of infrastructure.
His Excellency Chief Nyesom Wike finished all the work in Rivers State in the area of infrastructure which has earned him all the accolades he has received thus far in Rivers State and beyond. The governor has made everyone happy, as a result he is now given another nick name in addition to Mr Project and we endorse the Rivers State Governor to come back to office come the 2019 general elections.
There is hunger everywhere in the country, there is no work in Nigeria. Many youths graduate from school and do not see work to venture into. Our President has failed Nigerians. Also business people and companies in Nigeria have sacked many of their workers due to low patronage in the entire country. They complained of low patronage in their businesses as compared to previous administration and can no longer employ more workers.

Mr Anthony Pius
There is nothing good in the year 2018, everything is failure. I am over 50 years, but I have nothing to hold unto. I work, but cannot appreciate my income because it is too small. It is a shame to say I am a Nigerian. There is poverty and hardship everywhere. It is so hard for me to be able to pay my children’s school fees. I had to beg on the streets for money.
There was nothing good that I can say came out of the year 2018. I did not experience anything good in Nigeria. Worst of it is that our leaders have forgotten those who put them into power.

Mr Justice Okoroji Kanu
The situation in Nigeria is very pathetic. Nigerians are confused up till now. Since the president came into office, things have been very bad. There is nothing good that has come out of the year 2018 except that we are alive.

Mr Chima Gabriel
2018 was so bad to Nigerians, here, everywhere. People could not see food to eat. I work with National Bureau of Statistics and we go around the 23 local government areas of the state.
Soon, we will be into another electioneering period and politicians would bring as common as mosquitoes nets to deceive people forgetting that Nigerians are too old to be deceived.
I want to use this medium to warn Nigerian youths never to allow themselves to be used by these selfish politicians who will now promise them heaven and earth and later would abandon them.
There were killings everywhere by Boko Haram also in Enugu, Benue and in Abia State, people that were praying were killed, so there is nothing good to talk about Nigeria.


Susan Serekara-Nwikhana