Indorama Has Made Onne  Port Active – Ismaila


Following the commissioning of Indorama Port Terminal at Onne Port, Rivers State, Port Manager Onne Port, Mr. Alhassan Ismaila, says Indorama has contributed a lot to the maritime industry because of the building of a new brand terminal in the Onne Port to boost exports in the country
Ismaila said in 2017, Indorama terminal doubled its export figure, averaging two vessels per month with 700,000 metric tons, noting that the port has brought in more vessels into the country.
The port manager, stated this in the Indorama monthly magazine, tittled “Indorama Nigeria Impact” made available to The Tide in Port Harcourt.
According to Ismaila,” in 2016, eleven vessels came into Nigeria, while in 2017 twenty six vessels came in, so you can see this is addition to the maritime sector in Nigeria”
The manager said Nigeria now exports urea out of the country, which translated into  a lot of foreign exchange for the country and for the maritime sector.
He also explained that the export of urea by Indorama means more revenue for the NPA and also more revenue for the Federal Government because of the charges from ships dues, harbours dues, environmental protection dues and facility charges for all the operations.
“The export helps in our country balance of trade. Overall, it is a big quantum leap from the economy, in Onne Port here, apart from the LNG, Indorama is the second in terms of export, so it is very important to the economy and to the NPA” he said.
Indorama Port Terminal, according to him, has also created employment for people to work in the vessels and in the port, thereby creating a multiplier effect for the whole industry and the economy of Nigeria at  large.