Expectations Of Nigerians In 2019


Every New Year, the people’s hope and
expectations are always very high and as a result, our correspondent combed the streets of Port Harcourt to know what the residents’ expectations are for the New Year.

Ndifor Eric, a Jumia service distributor I have no expectation in the year 2019 because our leaders are too corrupt and selfish. The present Buhari’s administration has done more harm to Nigerians than good, so why should I bang my hope or expectation on it?
I rather preferred that the Peoples Democratic Party candidate, Atiku Abubbakar win the position of President in the 2019 General because he is a man that can create jobs for the youths of this country, but Mohammadu Buhari have neither vision nor skill that anybody can depend on.
Rather, all he specialises on is to tour the whole world for one treatment after the other and poor Nigerians languished in Nigeria hospitals without any special attention given to them.
My only expectation is to ensure that Atiku Abubakar wins the 2019 presidential elections, so that the youths of this country and everyone would have a new lease of life.

Mr Godwin Elkanem, a businessman As a business man I expect a bomber harvest in my business comes the year 2019. I also expect that the government would be able to make life comfortable for the poor masses so that they are able to put food on their tables which will in turn reduce the high rate of insecurity been experienced in the state and country at large.
I expect that the nagging issue of minimum wage that Federal Government find a lasting solution to it as it has promised and continued to fail.
As you have heard the Labour Union are now threatening to go on an indefinite strike from January 9, 2019 to press home their demand of N30,000 minimum wage. Nigeria is one of the most richest countries in the world, yet we are the least on those countries that have agreed to pay this minimum wage.
Why is it that our leaders are too greedy and selfish? Those other countries depend so much on Nigeria for their internal revenue generation to be boosted, yet they pay this minimum wage higher than Nigeria. It’s a shame and an issue that only needs can address by removing all our greedy leaders from power.
If the Federal Government tried as much as possible to address this civil servants’ minimum wage in Nigeria, they would manage it and be able to smile to the market, thereby patronizing us. This way, money will circulate into every hand.

Mrs JohnBull Marcus
My expectations for the New Year for peace to reign in Nigeria, and as Christians we need to intensify in our prayer lives for peace in the land because once there is peace everyone would live happily in peace and the worshippers of God would be proud that God heard their prayers and they would all have rest of mind.
I also expect that whosoever is contesting as a candidate for the governorship position in Rivers State should have the fear of God because it is only the fear of God that can turn things around for everybody in the state and country at large.
The election is in God’s hands and we, as Christians we have been praying for in a free, fair and peaceful elections. As God said in 2Chronicles 7:14 “If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Isaiah Omoh, a youth leader
I am expecting that this 2019 would usher us into something good and things can be good in this country if the Mohammadu Buhari regime is removed from power until then that is when things would be better in this country.
This year now if you look at me from head to toe I cannot afford N500 to pay as transportation fare to my village and as a result am still in Port Harcourt very different from previous years of President Yar’Adua and Goodluck Jonathan when things were better.
Nigeria need a man prepared by God that would take us to that promise land prepared by God and that man is Atiku Abubbakar, the only businessman that is capable to handle anything and any man in this country.
Atiku Abubakar have so many companies in Lagos, Port Harcourt, among others that can create jobs for everyone and this is one of the reasons why I guard my Permanent Voters’ Card (PVC) with all zealousness for it not to be misplaced because it is my power that would enable me to elect a candidate of my choice.

Petros Oghenechuko, an Investor
I expect that the Rivers State Government and Federal Government make it possible for the youths in this country to be empowered. They should introduce to the people skills acquisition programmes, this way the people would be developed and would be able to put food on their tables.
Rivers State is a very good place to invest in if there is peace and security lots of companies would want to come down to the state to do their businesses, but the issue of high rate of insecurity have made the state to be deserted many good companies that were here before they have packed and vacated from the state.
If jobs are created it would keep those perpetrating evil in check, because they would be busy with their work and would not have time for violence.
The adage that says an idle mind is the devil workshop is playing out right now in the state because there are no jobs to keep these ones busy. Today world over all you hear about Rivers State is that it is not safe for business and vise versa.
This is not good for the state and the government in power must do all it can to change this negative narrative about Rivers State, else its get worse by the day.
In less than two months from now we would be going into the General Elections, I expect that it would be a violence free one where everyone would be proud about the conduct of the elections and not what it has always been.

Lucky Rafeel, a youth
I don’t really have any expectation. I just want God to keep us all alive, expand our businesses and make life more conducive for us to live in and enjoy ourselves.

Adejumo Abosede, a student
I expect that the Government of this country would provide all that is needed in this country to make our university systems to work the same way its working there in the international communities.
Most times people spent huge sum of money and struggle to write the JAMB examination to enter into the higher institution and after everything you will start hearing stories of cancellation of the examination thereby frustrating the efforts of the students

Ogechi Duru, a woman activist
I don’t really expect much from the New Year 2019, except for God to pioneer the affairs of this country and make peace to reign in all facet of this country because a lot have happened and people are no longer happy with the situation of things in the country.
For the forth coming elections I hope that it would be a violence free elections compared to the past ones. Lots of things have been put in place by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and I expect that more women occupy sensitive positions in government this time around so that the common women in this would have a voice in the new government.


Susan Serekara-Nwikhana