The Most Awesome Football World Cup 2018 Facts


The football World Cup is now behind us, and we need to wait until 2022 to satiate the desire for the art created on the football fields. However, we should be happy that we had an opportunity to witness such a sports spectacle this year and carry it in memory for a long time.


The awesome team at BettingSites has been equally impressed by the players’ performance at the World Cup as we have, so they created an infographic that brings all of the most awesome tournament facts together. Let’s check them out.

The Main Highlights of World Cup 2018

The World Cup 2018 was marked by a lot of moments that took everyone by surprise. One of the biggest ones is the final in which Croatia tried to outplay France. Nobody expected Croatia to get that far with other more notable contenders for the place, such as Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, and so on.


Even so, the final was an exciting match in which we saw six goals scored, four of which helped France become the world champion.


Overall, this World Cup was marked by a large number of scored goals. In total, the nets behind the goalkeepers shook 169 times, which is 2.7 goals on average per game. That made most games quite exciting, even though some of the most important ones were solved through penalty kicks.


However, there was also a lot of tackles, some of which were adrenaline-boosting while others were rage-inspiring. This resulted in 219 yellow cards, which is quite a high number – 3.5 per game. The referees showed four red cards in total, which is not that many. We could conclude that the spirit of fair play was preserved after all.

The Best of the Best on the Playing Field

Any football competition is only as good as the players are on the field. Luckily, nowadays we have some true artists on the grass, which has become even more evident after the completion of the World Cup 2018.


Even though England did not make it as far in the competition as their fans would have liked them to, their Harry Kane has ended up being the top scorer of the tournament with six goals.


On the other hand, his antidote was Thibaut Courtois, the Belgian goalkeeper who successfully saved his team’s net 27 times. At the same time, Neymar took the most chances and had 27 attempts to change the result in Brazil’s favor. Unfortunately, he wasn’t successful enough.


However, if the real star of the championship could be determined by looking at the amount of sweat and effort he put into the games, that would undoubtedly be Croatia’s Ivan Periši?. He ran a total of 72 km, which is the most distance covered.


If you want to find out many other wild facts and learn more about all the individual teams and their World Cup journey, take a look at the infographic below!