2019: Rep Predicts Victory For PDP


House of Representatives member representing Andoni /Opobo /Nkoro Constituency, Hon. Awaji Inombek Abiante says the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chances in next year’s general elections are bright.
In a chat with The Tide at the weekend in Port Harcourt, Abiante said the dismal failure of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to fulfil its electoral promises was an opportunity for the opposition to get them out of power.
The House Representative member said time had gone past when Nigerians can be hoodwinked with fake propaganda, explaining that the electorate were better informed now than before.
“The ruling party has in the past four years unleashed hunger, unemployment, on Nigerians and I am sure the people are willing to send them back to where they belong”, he submitted.
Abiante said one thing that gave the PDP edge in the forthcoming elections was its past experience in governance, saying that now the citizens have compared the two parties they can make better choice.
“The PDP is not despotic in nature and I believe that Nigerians will vote it back to power come next year”, Abiante assured. On chances of PDP in Rivers State, the representative said it’s clear that the party will coast to victory because there was no alternative.
The legislator maintained that what the PDP had done in three and half years in Rivers State was enough to convince the electorate to vote it back to power in 2019.
He explained that in his constituency he had attracted several projects, and also made the voice of his people to be heard in the parliament.
Some of the projects he listed include, the rural electrification projects for Opobo / Nkoro communities, water projects at Oyorokoto building and equipping computer centres at Ngo and Opobo, including the siting of the Brackish Water Fishery Institute which has already passed public hearing stage.