2019: Strength Of Rivers Youth Behind Wike 


It is no longer in doubt that Rivers State Governor, Chief Nyesom Wike is coasting seamlessly to a second term in 2019. This is because the governor enjoys the support of all segments of the state.
Elders, women, youth groups and the ethnic nationalities have all endorsed Governor Wike for a second term. Even non-indigenes have since endorsed him.
As a leader with a comprehensive agenda for the total  empowerment of Rivers youths, Governor Wike has earned their support. Through critical investments, youths have been recognised in the process of taking Rivers State to the next level.
In appreciation of this, two youths elected into the Rivers State House of Assembly have initiated a credible platform to drum up support for the earned re-election of Governor Wike in 2019.
The youths are: Hon. Edison Ehie, Chairman, Rivers State House of Assembly Committee  on Finance and Hon. Major Jack, Deputy Majority Whip.
One Million Youths For New Rivers State
This is the most outstanding state-wide group with a grassroots touch never witnessed in the state.
The Group,  One Million Youths for the Re-election of Governor Wike in 2019 has been embarking on a street to street sensitisation tour of the 23 local government areas of Rivers State with the aim of creating the needed awareness for continuity.
So far, the group has mobilised youths for the re-election of Governor Wike in Bonny ,Gokana ,Etche, Ahoada West ,Eleme , Opobo-Nkoro, Ogu/Bolo, Khana, Port Harcourt, Asari-Toru, Omuma, Andoni, Obio/Akpor  and Okirika local government areas. Other local government areas so far mobilised include: Emohua, Ikwerre, Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni (ONELGA)  and Oyigbo.
Closing In On One Million Youth Voters
The One Million Youths for New Rivers State is closing in on its target of 1million youths . Statisticians of the 1million Youths Movement indicate that 800,000 youths have registered and participated in her street carnivals across the visited LGAs.
The registration process is done online and easily verifiable.  As a result  of the agressive campaign skills of the leaders of the One Million Youths for New Rivers State, converts daily embrace the movement.
The youths constitute  the largest voting block in Rivers State.  Their commitment to the re-election of Governor Wike is a proof of his outstanding performance and acceptance by Rivers people.
Mode Of Mobilisation
During the street to street sensitisation tours, members of the group move to markets, motor parks,  community centres and village meetings and other gatherings  to share handbills and booklets of the achievements of Governor Wike.
In such outings, they also hold quick rallies where speakers extol the qualities  of Governor Wike and the necessity of re-electing him.
Principal Message
National Coordinator of One Million Youths for New Rivers State, Honourable Ehie Edison, who represents Ahoada East Constituency 2 presents the compelling statistics of Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike as the most youth friendly governor since the creation of Rivers State.
He reminds the youths that through the design of Governor Wike, Rivers Youths now dominate the State House of Assembly, State Executive Council, Local Government Chairmanship, councillorship seats and Special Assistants.
The lawmaker maintains that Governor Wike remains the only option for Rivers youths because in policy formulation and implementation, youths will take centre-stage.
Hon. Edison Ehie, representing Ahoada-East State Constituency 2 noted that several youths are members of the organisation as volunteers.  According to him, the volunteers are registered voters with their permanent voters cards (PVCs).
Secretary-General  of the Movement, Hon. Major Jack, Deputy Majority Whip and member  representing Akuku-Toru State Constituency 1 emphasised that the goal is to galvanize the support of registered voters for a performing governor.
Promoting Governor Wike’s Achievements
From  one local government area to the other, the One Million Youths for New Rivers State promotes the manifest achievements of Governor Wike.  This is usually their entry point.
Indigenes of the local government areas already counted in favour of Governor Wike are educated on the high flying performance of Nigeria’s best performing governor.
Participation Of All Stakeholders In Local Government Areas Already Counted
This is one unique mobilisation strategy introduced by the OneMillion Youths for New Rivers State to ensure that Governor Wike is re-elected in 2019.
Weeks before the sensitisation tour to a particular local government area, the leaders of the One Million Youths for New Rivers State visit all stakeholders from the area  to secure their endorsement. Therefore, these stakeholders ranging from State and Federal Lawmakers, Council Chairmen, Commissioners, Councillors  and senior politicians buy-into the programme.  This accounts for the  high percentage of success of the exercise.
Defence Of Votes For Governor Wike/PDP
With the most profound voter mobilisation ever seen since the return to democracy in 1999, it is taken for granted that Governor Wike and all PDP candidates will win in their respective constituencies, if all electoral stakeholders play by the rules.  But under the failed APC Federal Government, the rule book has been torn.
Leaders of the One Million Youths for New Rivers State are aware of this ugly development.  Therefore, the defence of votes and the electoral process have also taken a pride of place in the sensitisation campaign.
(Track Edison at two different locations harp on the need for Defence of votes…Track Jack also)
At each location, the leaders explain  to youth voters the process to peacefully defend their votes and resist riggers. This message is usually well received because of the love the people have for Governor Wike.
Governor Wike’s Acceptance To Seek Re-election Was Triggered By One Million Youths For New Rivers State
The forthcoming re-election of Governor Wike in 2019 was ignited by the One Million Youths for New Rivers State.  It was at the commissioning of their secretariat in Port Harcourt that Governor Wike publicly accepted to  seek re-election.
The highpoint of this ceremony was the presentation of N6million to Governor Wike for the purchase of his PDP  gubernatorial nomination form.
The governor was overwhelmed  by the commitment of the promoters of the movement who mobilised private funds to sell the governor.
The Reality Of Governor Wike’s Re-election
The reality of Rivers State is that Governor Wike continues to expand opportunities for the youths, in areas of employment, participation in governance and economic development.
From the State Executive Council through to the Rivers State House of Assembly and recent appointments by Governor Wike, youth participation has been a key factor.
With the massive support for Governor Wike from all quarters, the next five years means that Rivers State will grow in leaps and bounds.
The re-election of Governor Wike  is a fait accompli.  It is a project initiated by the people. They have taken ownership and they will re-elect  Governor Wike in 2019. As they say, the voice of the people is the voice of God.