Natural Methods To Manage Breast Cancer


A study has revealed that one major cause of breast cancer is wearing tight bras for more than 12hours.
According to the study, a woman who wears a bra for 24 hours a day is 113 times more likely to get breast cancer than those who wear a bra less than 12 hours a day.
The study advised women to avoid bras with underwires, and other stiff breast shaping components, as well as push up bras.
Women are advised to watch out for breast changes during or after their monthly circle.
Normally, women with heavy or lumpy breasts experience mild lumps during their monthly periods, but when the pain or lump stays beyond the period, it’s a sign of danger.
The weekly or monthly method of checking for lumps are advised. You lie down on your back and use your left fingers to probe your breast for lump.
Once you find a lump, you are advised to go visit a gynaecologist or go for scan.
If your doctor recommends surgery or lumpectomy then there is need to act fast. Early detection is key in surviving breast cancer. once the cancer spreads to other parts of the body, survival rate is low.
Let me note that there are other causes of breast cancer every woman between the age of 25- 50 should be aware. One is diet, those who eat too much sugar and fries are likely to suffer breast cancer. Also is family history or genes. This means that women who have a mother or sister that suffer from the disease are likely to have it too. Using under arm deodorants that stop perspiration can cause breast cancer.
Other causes are environment and chemicals.
Medical treatments have always provided solutions to end breast cancer. Such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery. Unfortunately, many women undergo this treatments and still die.
Over the years natural therapies have been proven to be effective. Among herbs recommended are garlic, turmeric sour chop leaves, green tea, carrot and parsley.
Women who have breast cancer are advised to blend or eat more of these herbs. Blending carrot and beetroot can help cleanse the body, so also is garlic and carrot drinking daily.
Breast cancer patients are also urged to drink green tea and sour chop leaves tea. Study indicate they fight cancer.