Massive Food Production: Don Recommends Precision Agriculture


The adoption of precision agriculture has been described as the most effective way to boost food production in the country.
A senior lecturer in the Department of Environmental and Agricultural Engineering at the Rivers State University, Dr Reuben Okparanma in a chat with The Tide said many countries were adopting precision agriculture in order to cut down production cost and wastes.
In the view of the lecturer, precision agriculture involves the use of technological devices to determine the nutrient distribution on a piece of land and the yield of products.
He explained that in advanced countries where there was scarcity of land, precision agriculture helped to determine the kind of crop that will yield most, if planted in a particular area.
“If such technology is adopted here, it will save cost, and the farmer will know first what and what are lacking on the land. And with such knowledge, you can plant a suitable crop,” Okparanma asserted.
The agriculturist said currently precision agriculture was finding its way into some parts of Africa, especially in the Northern parts of Africa such as Egypt.
Dr Okparanma maintained that the agricultural sector remained one sector that can be exploited by both government and private individuals for the provision of jobs for the teeming youths.
He regretted that the recent flooding in some parts of the state will affect agricultural production, since lots of farmers will either lose their crops or harvest their crops before the harvest period.
“Depending on the extent of damage, the flood will affect food supply in the future, because only few farm products will be brought to the market at high demand,” he said.