RSG To Adopt New Method For Contraceptives Usage


Towards ensuring effective family planning uptake in Rivers State, the Rivers State Government will soon commence a new method of administering contraceptives.
Making this known in a recent exclusive interview, the Rivers State Coordinator of Family Planning, Doris Igbanibo, said the method will entail affected women administering the drug on themselves.
“This particular method is an injectible one. But instead of the one that you take intra muscularly, given by injection into the muscles, this one will be given under the skin, and it’s called subcutaneous, she said.
Igbanibo explained that this type of injectibles can be self-administered if the person in question decides to after undergoing necessary training.
“They (healthcare provider) can teach her to inject herself, so she does not need to go back to health facility every three months for it,” she explained. This method, she explained further is different from the previous ones: barrier, which is through the use of male and female condoms; Hormonals, which uses injectibles at different intervals from two to three months.
There is also oral pills for breast-feeding mothers, the combined oral pills, and the natural method which is also known as Circle Beads.
The Rivers State Government is currently in collaboration with TCI in building the capacity of key stakeholders working in the area of reproductive health and family planning to increase service uptake. TCI is also working in other parts of Nigeria but in 8 local government areas in Rivers State.