Foods You Should Eat Before you diee


Food should always be your best friend. Well, that goes for the food lovers. They are really things that you should never miss on your bucket list. This article will explore all those foods that you should make that list and you should definitely try out. Best believe us that they will turn your world around faster than the reels of your favourite online slot for online casinos for usa players.


Lobsters are popular crustaceans in the culinary arts. And it is also popular as it has made the headlines a couple of times. On whether it should be cooked alive or it should be killed first. But that is none of our business as our main concern is the taste. If you go to the top restaurants and they know how to handle lobsters you will be in it for a treat. Make sure that you go taste a lobster now, you never know what might be your best dish!

Thai Food

Wait! You really thought that we were going to talk about food and not mention Thai food? That is impossible. That is one of the most recommended foods across the world and you surely will not miss it. Spicy, sour, sweet and salty all in one bowl is an experience that you will get to have when you eat Thai food. Talk about desserts that are originally from there. That is nothing as filling and mouth-watering as Thai food.

Chinese food

A group of people that really appreciate their food are Chinese people. This is simply because they know that nowhere in the world can they get such excellent food like what they make. They embrace everything that grows from their land and make the most of it. The reason why Chinese restaurants are all over the world is that of the exquisite food that you really can’t get over but continue to crave for.

There are a lot more foods that people should eat before they die. But this is just the main ones that you really cannot die without eating.