Bizman Blames Rape Cases On Complacency, Drugs


A trader at Rumuodara in Port Harcourt, Kenneth Williams has stated that the reason for the increase in rape is complacency on the part of the society and addiction to drugs by young men.
Mr Williams who stated this while speaking with newsmen in Port Harcourt last Saturday, also advised men to live upright lives and avoid sexual violence.
He expressed regret over the violation of young girls below 13 years of age. He said the reason men violated girls were because they felt it was safer.
He also stated that government should look seriously into indecent and sexual assault and assign stiffer penalty to those guilty of such crimes.
Also speaking, Mrs Grace Jacob urged mothers to dress their girl child decently covering their body parts to ensure that they did not get hurt or become victims of rape.
Sixtus Bassy in his opinion stated that those men who tampered with kids of two months old were possessed by demons and should be sent for deliverance.