Stakeholder Wants Town Planners To Sanitise Cities


A Port Harcourt-based stakeholder in the tourism industry, Mr. Major Adaye has called on town planners to take up their responsibility in sanitising cities in the strate.
Adaye made this call in an interview with The Tide in Port Harcourt, yesterday.
He noted that town planners had slept on their oars, which is the reason for the chaos “that we see in our cities today “
Adaye suggested that town planners take lead in restructuring the nation’s town planning regulations, stressing that the frequent conflict between planners and policy makers, was taking a toll on the tourism industry and has also put the struggle of rescuing town planning at risk.
He pointed out that the deadlock in the industry has led to town planners to stay off in process of policy making to tackle matters concerning indiscriminate building, unauthorised restructuring and conversation of buildings to other uses, uncertain data, public and community resistance to enforcement and limited police support.
The tourism expert also listed federal agency-state conflict, elite impunity, migration and growth of informal settlements, limited access to land, land titling, costs and delays to applicants as some of the factors militating against the industry.
He further blamed the situation on constant restructuring of governing units and institutions, lack of continuity, leadership changes, policy inconsistency,  abandonment, and limited role of the private professional town planner in the process.
To effect change in the dynamics, Adaye  stated that government and its institutions would have to be consistent and enhance its ability to prove that there are  benefits in proper town planning and be  watchful , firm and efficient in its regulatory and enforcement processes.


Tonye Nria-Dappa