Juice For Better Health (I)


These days, the malaise of ailments have increased due to poor diet and eating habits. A lot of people eat on the go, and many others don’t care about what they eat as far as it gives them energy.
The habit of neglecting good eating can be dangerous overtime. It not only weakens the body, it exposes the body to danger and diseases. In other words, poor diet provides the leeway for our bodies to be attacked by disease.
One way to make up for poor diet deficiency is through fruits and vegetables. They are not only packed with vitamins and minerals, they have huge energy boosters to compensate our bodies in areas not properly nourished.
Sometimes these fruits and vegetables can become difficult to consume, especially if one is on the go, or busy to the extent that munching nuts can be difficult. It’s based on this that juicing has become popular these days. Juice of fruits and vegetables are ready made natures fluid to rejuvenate the body.
In addition to its ability to refresh the body, juice from fruits and vegetables are easily absorbed in the body, since they are in liquid form. The only downside is that one loses the fibre necessary to help clean the colon and helps stooling.
The nourishing aspect of juicing is that it’s raw and filled with fresh nutrients that are vital for body function. Most nutrients from juice are substances that carry oxygen, which often are destroyed by cooking.
Nutrients in raw juice bring about a constant interchange of energies in the body cells and blood vessels. With these interaction and direct absorption in the body it helps to eliminate body wastes, while nourishing and restoring in the same process.
When fruits and vegetables are blended and made into juice, they release enzymes necessary for body functions.
The principle of “juicing” holds that when foods are cooked, the amino acids become hard to be digested in the body, system.
Raw juice is beneficial to the body as it provides natural phetochemicals needed for physiological functions. Many patients have been treated with raw juice plan to eliminate several ailments such as blood pressure, eye ailments, arthritis, skin diseases and even constipation.
The nourishing substances from juice are able to reach the living cells by means of bloodstream. These are accounts where allergies have been treated with juicing.
Most fruits such as lemon, orange, apple and watermelon juice have alkalising effect on the body. This means that though they may have acidic taste, but their reaction in the body is different.
Alkaline is a neutraliser in the body. Since most fruits has alkaline effect, it’s good they are consumed in juice form for better effects.
In the next edition, we shall be treating types of juice and what it does to the body.