Engineer Wants Builders To Adopt Modern Techniques


A civil engineer, Dele Oladipo has called on construction experts to adopt modern techniques in building.
Oladipo, who spoke to The Tide in a chat, in Port Harcourt Monday noted that a new technique is evolving in Nigeria called the Post- Tensioning in construction and would be beneficial in for tidying buildings after construction is completed.
He explained that post-tensioning is a technique used to reduce shrinkage, especially for buildings in reclaimed places in the costal rejoins.
He described the technique as a method where concrete is strengthened with steel bars, called tendons.
According to him, post-tensioning is carried out by stressing the tendons, that is, by pouring concrete in the tendons’’,
He added, ‘’This method helps to reinforce concrete and prevents cracking’’.
He noted that, ‘’ it is better than the standard steel reinforcement because it allows for construction in difficult terrains’’.
The technique, according to Oladipo, helps to improve the quality structures and contributes mainly to the advancement of the Nigerian construction environment.
He urged stakeholders in the industry to adopt the technique and grow the Nigerian construction industry to world-class standard.


Tonye Nria-Dappa