Who will the Premier League this season


The English Premier League kicked off in August Friday night in a tense match opener Leicester City 1-2 Manchester United which saw Paul Pogba becomes the first goal scorer for the 2018/19 campaign finding the back of the net through a penalty kick in the 3rd minute of the first half. For this Premier League special we teamed up with the experts of FootballPredictions.com

So far gone now with several matches have been played and Liverpool is currently topping the table, which is starting to raise some eyebrows hence debate on what club will emerge victor in the 2018/19 Premier League campaign.

According to a reports from Talk Sports, a Super Computer had predicted who could win the Premier League this season.

The super computer premier league predictions gowith Manchester City becoming the Champions for the second successive season with Liverpool tagging along and Manchester United & Chelsea taking the third and fourth spot.

Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar jr also laid down his prediction for the Premier League leaving out Liverpool in the top four spot.

“Who will in it? Woah, that’s difficult,” he said.

“It’s very hard, it’s very difficult, but Manchester City will win it.

“Second will be United, third is Chelsea. Fourth is Tottenham.”

With all these predictions we will like to add ours too.


Last year we saw what the Jurgen Klopp team is capable of flourishing and fighting their way to reach the Champions League final.

With that being that, the Reds got the best out of the summer transfer window as they brought in Naby Keita(from RB Leipzig), Fabinho(from AS Monaco) and Xherdan Shaqiri(from Stoke City).

The ability to reach the Champions League final also means that they are capable of winning the League if they put their mind and heart to it.

Liverpool could see themselves win the English top Flight this season as they were the only weakness the defending champions have.

Manchester City:

Second on the list is the defending Champions Manchester City. Two seasons ago Pep Guardiola was being thought how to play in the Premier League.

His second season with the Citizens proved he learnt his lesson as he lifted the English league and EFL Cup at the end of the season.

The Citizens are in contend for the Premier League but might just not be winning the league this season as Guardiola will be having his eyes set on the Champions League this campaign so will have to settle for the second position.

On the third and fourth place will be Manchester United and Chelsea.

Jose Mourinho team is full of talents but are seeming to lack something else in motion to push them forward to go further in the league.

While the Blues teams which is also full of talents but will be taking sometime for the squad to finally adapt to Maurizio Sarri’s style of football.

The Premier League is a competitive league as it is almost unpredictable as to who could finish at the top.