Building Consultant Tasks Artisans On Safety


A building consultant based in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, Mr Onyema Chukwu has charged artisans in the built environment to give urgent attention to safety matters during construction.
Chukwu who is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of B-Ventures, gave the charge in a chat with The Tide, in Port Harcourt, Monday.
He noted that it was important to point out that artisans are the most at risk during constructer processes and as such they must take precaution and adopt universal best practice while working.
The consultant, stated that often times workers work without using personal safety equipment, “ you see carpenters working without wearing safety shoes to guard against stepping on nails or even slipping from the roof top, they don’t wear helmets hats to protect their head even coverall, you see electricians working without safety belts or gloves, these are hazardous working conditions and should not be condoned’’.
Furthermore, he said:’’ artisans put themselves at risk. They undertake to do a job even when they know the condition for working is not safe, all because they need the job’’.
Additionally, Chukwu pointed out that among other safety measures, artisans need to take up insurance policies and be made to undergo some safety tests after which they will be given certificate of safety.
He used the chance to warn masons against cutting corners by short changing the developer whereby they steal some bags of cement and use more sand to make up the number of blocks, ‘’ causing an imbalance in the quality of the morter, which can cause the building to be unstable leading to collapse’’.

Tonye Nria-Dappa