Children’s Amazing Sense Of Fashion


Do you know that it takes a strong sense of awareness to understand one’s true style? Surprisingly, children effortlessly possess this awareness.
You may wonder what gives them the boldness to carry themselves about even when and where adults may fault their dressing; they don’t fear looking like everyone else.
For these ones, they look and feel at their best at all times because they learn to accept their signature style and what can be more empowering than that?
Although children may not be thinking about trend per se, they are known for constantly experimenting with their looks and trying new things.
For subject of style, you don’t have to underrate any child. Apart from having their opinions pertaining to what they wear, it is quite a bit tough, forcing any child to be adorned in a style or fashion not approved of him.
Of course learning to say ‘No’, simply explains an exertion of a sense of self and of independence of idea. Afterall, if they don’t let you know they have style preference how would you know? Besides, your personal style best expresses the real you and same goes to the children.
The Children’s Day celebration organized by the Assemblies of God Church Agip Road in Port Harcourt recently, no doubt provided a forum for children to express themselves in style.
Most captivating in their overt fashion statement is the yearning to grow and be like the adult.
The boys, girls even the cradles expressed a zealous desire to be like the Papas and Mamas. How cute they appeared as they went about the day’s business.


Sylvia ThankGod-Amadi