Still In Projects’ Business: The NEW Example


It was our Lord Jesus Christ who declared in Luke 9:62 that : “Anyone who puts a hand to the plow and then looks back is not fit for the Kingdom of God”.  This is the guiding principle of Nigeria’s best performing governor , Nyesom Ezenwo Wike.
Despite the electioneering period, Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has continued the funding and delivery of key projects in different parts of the state.
The governor remains committed to the completion of ongoing projects in the interest of the people of the state. In Rivers West and Rivers South-East Senatorial Districts, key projects are ongoing to improve the living condition of the people.
Speaking on projects delivery recently, Governor Wike said that his administration will never abandon  any project because the revival of Rivers State is more important than any other consideration.
The governor said that the reason why he is in politics is to move the state forward and transform the lives of the people.
In Rivers West Senatorial District, Government Secondary School Okarki in Ahoada West Local Government Area flagged off for reconstruction by Governor Wike is progressing satisfactorily.
The people of the area are happy with  the progress of work. They endorsed Governor Wike for a second term, stating that he needs time to continue with his projects delivery.
Chairman of Ahoada West Local Government Area, Honourable Hope Ikiriko, captures the importance of Governor Wike’s projects in the area.
He said: The governor has done two basic projects in Ahoada West Local   Government Area. One in the educational sector and the other in basic infrastructure,which is a road project.  Government  Secondary School in Okarki is an old school that has been there since the 60s and subsequent administrations just watched the school, go down and decay.  The school was no more, in fact we can’t even remember students who go there again, just one structure that was there but he came in and saw that the dreams of our founding  fathers were eroded and he took it upon himself to bring the school back to life.
“So what we have there now is a complete high school facility, which has to do with laboratory, classrooms, administration blocks, hostels, dining , ICT and sports facilities. It has brought back the basic dream and vision of any government as it was before, if you go there now the project that started few months ago is nearing  completion.
“The other one is the road project at Ojoko. The road was abandoned for so many years. Our governor now has come back, to reconstruct the road. If you go there now,it is a wonderful road.  These two projects,  I can say, if you carry out  the need assessment  in the area, you will realise  that these are the two major things that the people need. That is why I give credit to our Governor for feeling the pains of the people. He does not just site projects here and there. He sites  projects that impact on the people, like the secondary school, it has brought up several great men in Ahoada West  Local Government Area.”
Also,  Mr. Gift Ade from Okarki community thanked the Rivers State Governor for his investment in the reconstruction of the Government Secondary School, Okarki. He said that the community will repay him by voting massively for him in 2019.
Ade said: “We are voting him to power for him to continue his job.   Previously, the place was not functioning.  The building was not in good order. They are bringing back the secondary school to life. We pray that God should give him more grace  so that he will continue doing our projects.  He is trying for us, he even promised to do our road.  We thank Governor Wike very much, we welcome him, by 2019,we will endorse him to continue”.
Harry Ogono, a native of Okarki, had this to say: “I was a civil servant before, a retired civil servant. We thank our Governor so much. We don’t know that he can do such a good thing for us, here in Okarki. This project will lift us up and give us a name.”
The intervention of Governor Wike in Asari-Toru LGA is legendary.  The General Hospital, Buguma has been reconstructed.  The project will be delivered in the coming weeks.  The state government is ready to equip the health facility in line with the goal of the administration.
In addition, the Rivers State Governor is expanding the landscape of Asari-Toru Local Government Area through the sand-filling and land reclamation project at Abalama.
Chairman of Asari-Toru Local Government Area Chief Odiari Princewill, praised the Rivers State Governor for the two projects that  have impacted the lives of the people.
He said: “His Excellency, Ezenwo Wike, the Governor of Rivers State,  I say thank you for giving us something like this. This hospital has been neglected for long. For more than twenty years , nobody was coming here. Now everything has changed.  The hospital is now alive”.
On the Abalama sand-filling project, Mr Ofori Brown said: “I am a bonifide member of Abalama, the Alabama of Kalabari land . Right here, where I am standing had been a mangrove, entirely covered with mangrove trees and water,  but because Abalama is entirely for Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and because our sons, Alabo George Kelly, Enemi Alabo George and the rest of us worked tirelessly with his Excellency,  Mr Project,  he promised us a project and today it is a living testimony because where I am standing,  there is a beautiful sand-filled project ongoing and the Governor has also in his magnanimity done couple of projects in Asari-Toru Local Government Area, like the General Hospital particularly in Buguma.”
Also on the project in Abalama, Mrs Tamunotonye Iyalla said the people of Asari-Toru Local Government Area will remain grateful to the Rivers State Governor for the Abalama sand-filling project which has improved the economy of the area.
In Khana Local Government Area, the dualisation of the iconic Sakpenwa-Bori road started by the Wike administration is nearing completion and getting ready  for commissioning.
It is the same story at the Zonal Hospital, Bori . This project abandoned by the failed Amaechi administration at less than 20 per cent completion is about to be completed.  Work has reached 85per cent completion.
The governor has vowed to continue the execution of projects, irrespective of the political reality of the time. From day one till when the governor’s mandate will be revalidated in 2019, work will continue unabated.
Governor Wike came for projects delivery and he is still in this life changing business.  No local government area has been excluded from the rollout of projects.  This is a united Rivers State, where everyone is given a sense of belonging.
Nwakaudu is Special Assistant to Rivers State Governor on Electronic Media.


Simeon Nwakaudu