Boat Operators Want Marine Police, Navy On Bonny Route


Bonny Marine Transporters Association (BMTA) has called on the marine police and Navy to deploy their officers to Bonny waterways to curb pirate attacks on boat drivers and their passengers.
This is coming as a passenger boat was attacked by pirates last week, along the route with passengers dispossessed of their valuables.
Safety officer and member of BMTA, Mr Donatus Kingsley, told The Tide that most drivers and passengers are scared of plying Bonny route due to pirates activities.
He noted that in a space of two months, July and August 2018, five separate attacks had taken place along Bonny waterways.
The safety officer who called on the police and Navy to intensify security patrol along the routes, said the lives of boat operators and passengers at the route are in danger.
He called for a routine water patrol by the marine police and Nigerian Navy to reduce the activities of pirates on sea travellers.
Donatus also called on the security agents to beef up security at the water routes ahead of 2019 general election to enable eligible voters to travel and exercise their franchise.
The safety officer appealed to companies and residents of waterfronts in Port Harcourt to desist from dumping their wastes into the river as such causes pollution.
He blamed most of the marine accident in the state to dumping of both industrial and in organic wastes into the river, even as he said such wastes were responsible for skin diseases and destruction of acquatic life.


Chinedu Wosu