Technology, Generally Replacing Manual Labour – VC


The Vice Chancellor, Veritas University, Abuja, Prof Mike Kwanashie has said that the growth of robotics and artificial intelligence is a radical signal in the nature of the work floor of companies.
He said this when he spoke at the 34th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, Rivers, Bayelsa branch, recently in Port Harcourt.
Kwanashie noted that technology was gradually replacing manual labour in manufacturing which he said required better trained manpower.
According to him, the required different skill set in the educational systems had been adopted by most developed countries, while it was yet to be recognised in developing countries.
“The manufacturing skills gap is growing. There is still a considerable void when it comes to skills and experience”, he said.
The university teacher also pointed out that manufacturing firms are challenged to inspire a new generation of manufacturing employees and experts.
To remain competitive, he said, companies must be engaged in product development and innovation.
The guest speaker who spoke on the theme: “The Challenges of Manufacturing In a Globalised Economy”, hinted that product development and innovation was expensive and could drain the purse of companies if not properly handled.
He further revealed that the growth of technology had transformed industrial operations, adding that the work place in many companies had become increasingly digitalised.
Explaining the benefits of globalisation, he said it could be driven by people with “Know-how” and power, saying that they could systematically take advantage of the global economy to the disadvantage of many.
To buttress his point, he noted that it operated mostly in the interests of the richest countries, which he said, dominated world trade at the expense of the developing countries.
Earlier, he had described knowledge and innovation as the most essential elements for successful participation in the process of globalisation.