Dep Gov Wants Women In Leadership Positions


Deputy Governor of Ogun State, Mrs. Yetunde Onanuga has said that giving women a level playing ground along with their male counterparts, as well as empowering them to take their rightful position in the scheme of things, are the only ways to improve and sustain the current reforms in Nigeria’s socio-political arena.
Onanuga, said this at the Annual Women in Management and Leadership Conference, held in Abuja recently.
Commenting on the present stage of Nigeria’s national development, Onanuga said the country needed disciplined, knowledgeable and highly committed women who would continue to positively influence the socio-economic and political fortunes of the country.
“We need not wait endlessly for the full implementation of the National Gender Policy of 2006, which ceded 35 per cent of political leadership mandates to women. To achieve greatness as a country, we need a logical balance of men and women in leadership roles.
“There should be gender diversity in the management of our societies. And for women to continue to play positive roles in the country they need continuous exposure and training across all professions and field of knowledge”, she said.
She added that women are better managers who need not be discouraged and intimidated by male dominance, which in itself is the effect of pre-colonial misconceptions against women, which will soon disappear in this contemporary world of opportunities.