Davido Didn’t Buy Instagram Followers – Manager


Nigerian singer, Davido, who recently got caught up in an allegation that he bought Instagram followers has been defended by his manager, Babatunde Oyebode, popularly known as Baudex in the entertainment circles.
Last week, reports went viral that Davido’s over seven million followers on Instagram might have been cloned or fake followers. This was based on an accusation by two Instagram users a Kinglucyy and Amarabush who said the total number of ‘comments’ shown on Davido’s Instagram page don’t tally with actual number of comments displayed.
Baydex noted that the two Instagram users, who went to a great deal of trouble to count the numbers of comments displayed on Davido’s Instagram page against the number of actual ‘comment’ on the page were wrongly guarded because of the inadequacy of their knowledge of how the Instagram works.
“The point those users made was out of ignorance. They said Instagram show that Davido has 1000 comments, meanwhile, he took his time to count those comments by himself and he counted only 217 or something and he said because of that, it means Davido bought followers, it does not make sense.
“This is how the algorithm works, the same thing happens to every celebrity Instagram, it happens to me also, where one can’t count every comment that was posted.
This is because I use this Instagram comment option that allows me to filter the comments that people see.
“If I don’t want any of my followers to see comments that have vulgar words or span comments, I would ask Instagram not to show comments that have such words in it, these comments still count as part of my comments; but they just can’t be seen.
“All you have to do is go to settings, comment controls, they will see “hide offensive comments” and that will automatically hide comments that may be offensive from your post, then manual fitter where you could add any set of words that you don’t like.
“For me I don’t like people asking me to follow them, so I added follow to my words, so if you ask me to ‘follow’, it will not show on my page, but will still count as a comment on my page”, he said.