Firm Provides Platform For Lower Fuel Price


Nigerians now have an opportunity to tap into the digital asset economy in order to solve their basic energy needs at very moderate prices.
This follows a new initiative being pioneered in sub-Saharan Africa, by Coin For All (CFA), an emerging digital asset platform, determined to lesson the energy challenges in Africa, especially Nigeria.
With the digital assets acquired, participants will be able to buy petroleum products, like petrol, diesel and cooking gas at prices below the official pump prices at partner fuel stations across the country.
This scheme was explained to members of the public during a free-entry seminar/conference on Saturday.
Speaking at a press conference to announce the product, Head Project-Planning/Management, Faith Titus, said that CFA platform identified that energy is one of the biggest challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa, and has gone into partnership with some designated fuel stations in the country where Nigerians with CFA’s digital asset can purchase products below the official rates.
“With lower energy rates, cost of production will reduce as well as prices of goods and services. That is why we are going about to sensitise people on the need to tap into this opportunity.
CFA coin’s overarching vision is to be the “leading and preferred digital utility currency of choice in Sub-Saharan Africa for the purchase of petroleum and gas and for general use by the overall digital community.
“In this era of rapid digitization of payments, CDA coin aims at bridging the financial and digital divide in Sub-Saharan Africa that continues to undermine the potential for small businesses to grow and for consumers to reap the benefits of digital inclusion and innovation”, she said
The coin will ensure this through strategic partnerships and by focusing on providing financial inclusion for marginalised sections of society to gain access to petroleum/gas products at comparably lower prices. Consequently, this will assist in creating an efficient system of managing financial transactions via the blockchain application.
Co-founder, CFA, Doris Ojuederie, said that the oil and gas sector is one of the booming sector in Africa and a product that we cannot do without right now, hence everyone needs petrol for their cars or generators, gas for cooking etc.