Network Cautions On Property Acquisition Pitfalls


The Chief Execuitive Officer of Property World African Network Group(PWAN),Marc Austine has advised Nigerians to be wary of six common mistakes when buying landed property.
Austine listed them to include not conducting a proper search on a property before making payment for it. He warned prospective property buyers not to be influenced by the market price  to avoid jumping at any offer on the table.
Other mistakes to avoid, according to him, include buyers to stick to their budget by being sure of their yearly or monthly earnings. Importantly, he cautioned that before making a commitment to a property, it is good to determine how much you earn and know how much you can pay back in a month.
“Land is not all about the price, location first before the price. Not having the right property clause. Not going for inspection. Why would you just stay in your house and make payment without inspection?” Austine queried.
The PWAN boss urged Nigerians to be careful when buying landed properties so as not to buy from unregistered organisation. Nigerians between 25 and 55, who are not taking advantage of the real estate, he said, were mising their investment opportunities. “Real estate business has been a hot cake in Nigeria; it is capable of turning one into a millionaire,” Austin said.
He said through his firm’s initiative, the Home Ownership Made Easy Scheme (HOMES), a lot of Nigerians have been helped to acquire genuine properties, real estate buying and selling and making their home ownership dream a reality. “We are the first company to start real estate network marketing,” he said.