Will “Tottenham” Finally Step in Champion Race?


The “spurs” has been called on the most promising English teams for many years. It has perspective players, especially in the attack line. However, time and again, Pochettino’s team is content only with a line in the Champions League.

In the last season, “Tottenham” even regressed. Yes, the team showed an amazing attacking game. Such players, as Kane, Son, Alli and Eriksen, starred in the attack.

But the team managed to find its playing style not at all matches. In addition, competitors of the “spurs” have passed a strong season without losing points when playing with outsiders and average teams.

As a result, at the end of the EPL season, the team had to fight with “Chelsea” for the 4th line and the road to the Champions League. It managed to sustain their position but this can hardly satisfy its fans.

In the last season, “Tottenham” dropped out of the Champions League because of «Juventus». With it, Pochettino’s team showed quite a good game, so the requirements to them will only rise at the future competition.

Forecasts for Future Season

To really fight for the champion title but not just declare it, the team obviously needs to be strengthened. The “Spurs” sign players from time to time but not all of them get into good graces. It’s enough to remember Lucas Moura who seemed very promising but still can’t meet the coach and fans’ expectations.

First, the defense needs to be strengthened as someone from leaders leaves it. “Tottenham” also needs to learn how to play with the teams building the defense line in front of it. Even masters like Eriksen and Poulsen don’t know what to do in such a situation.

At the beginning of the season, the team leaders look tired as they’ve spent too much energy at the World Championship.

It can be said that “Tottenham” will be a favorite when competing for entering the Champions League but it can hardly compete with “City” and “United” for the champion title. This can be explained by the fact that the club has a too short bench and no one can replace the team leaders. This happened last year when Harry Kane has left the team for a long time and the team had to adapt to a new playing style. If Pochettino finds new ways to interact with the squad, the London team will show itself successfully at all fronts but it’s a far cry to that.