Vendors Blame Low Patronage On Online Publications


Newspaper vendors in parts of the Rivers State, have continued to blame the low patronage of their businesses on online version of the newspapers.
Some newspaper vendors who bared their minds in an interview with The Tide in Port Harcourt Wednesday, said online publication has become a major clog in their businesses.
A vendor, Mr. Midael Egbade, blamed the entire episode on the introduction of the online publication.
He said that since most readers now get the papers online, that they find it difficult to pick the hardcopy.
Egbade, also blamed part of the decline in the business on television or radio paper review as many now depend on these reviews to get the latest news of the day.
Another newspaper vendor, Mr. Samuel Emmanuel, admitted that the social media, as well as online news has killed the sales of newspaper hard copy.
He attributed a greater percent of the decline to the young generation whom he said has little or no interest in reading.
Emmanuel, who lambasted the youths over their poor reading culture said that they have more interest in playing video games, watching soap operas and sports”.
For others in the business, major sales are made when there are serious adverts in any newspaper whether local or national dailies.
But they have emphasized that the manual newspapers remained the most authentic source of information, as most of its report are not doctored when compared with the social media.


Ekene Okoh