Prevent Cancer Naturally


The menace of Cancer is rising by the numbers yearly.
Apart from malaria, typhoid and perhaps diabetes, Cancer cases are rising astronomically daily. Annually, every 4th of February is marked as World Cancer Day.
Data from 11 federal owned hospitals collected by the National System of Caner Registries showed 7,000 new cases of cancer.
In 2017, former Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu made estimation that about 100,000 new cases of cancer are reported yearly. By 2020, there is prediction that the number of cases will rise from 24 million to 42 million.
Breast and prostrate cancer are top on the list of cancers that are more prevalent in Nigeria. Other cancers are those that affect the lungs, anus, intestine and liver.
Experts believe that the rising cancer cases may be as a result of lifestyle and diet. Cancer is one disease that takes time to be noticed and most symptoms present itself as those of malaria or typhoid-headaches, body pains and dizziness.
And by the time one begins to notice the main signs, it may have eaten up the body, that’s why medical doctors say early detection remain the best way to either survive or eliminate cancer.
In woman, breast cancer is the most deadly followed by cervical cancer. Research by Anderson Cancer Centre in Houston, USA reveal that when breast cancer strikes younger women, it tends to be more aggressive and less responsive to treatment.
The chances of a woman developing the disease increases tenfold once she turns 40 years. Prostrate cancer is today the most frequent malignant tumour in men over 40 years. A study carried out at University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu on Urological cases showed that over 13 years period, there was 847 new cases of prostrate cancer.
Despite modern medical technology, cancer has not abated and does not have a cure. Medical practitioners still believe that early detection remain key in treating cancer. People are advised to always watch out for early signs such as lumps in the breast, pains and difficulty in urinating as observed in postrate cancer and abdominal pains and bleeding in cervical cancer.
The good news however is that cancer is not a death sentence. Nature has provided array of remedies and herbs to keep cancer away or possibly eliminate it. The most important aspect of using natural means to treat cancer is in diet and food, some experts also advice the need for cancer patients to make lifestyle adjustments. By exercising more, exposing oneself to early morning sun, which provides Vitamin D, a natural anti-cancer vitamin.
As earlier stated, diet remains key factor in surviving cancer. Research has shown that high sugar intake fuels cancer in the body. So cancer patients are advised to either reduce sugar, or possibly eliminate it in their diet.
A diet consisting of a variety of raw vegetables is the best prevention and also the best potential cure for cancer. Garlic, Oregano, Cloves, Cayenne pepper, Cinnamon and ginger have been shown in multiple studies to fight cancer.
Whole foods sourced naturally help check cancer, wormwood and turmeric have been discovered to kill cancer turmours in the body.
The active compound called curcumin in turmeric help fight inflammation associated with cancer. It’s believed that a combination of turmeric and ginger including that of turmeric and onions reduces the size of turmour as observed in the intestinal tract.