Commissioner Charges Parents On Moulding Of Children’s Character


The Commissioner for Education in Enugu State, Prof. Uchenna Eze has urged parents to always support teachers and schools  in moulding children’s character to bring the best out of them.
Eze told newsmen last Wednesday in Enugu that if parents could play their complementary role on their wards, the society would be a better place.
He said that leaving the role of up-bringing of a child to be the sole responsibility of the teacher, while parents go about their personal businesses and engagements, was not the best.
The commissioner also appealed to parents to know more about their children and get involved in their daily academic and social performances.
According to him, parents should be closer to them and ensure that children carry out their assignment and take home work given them from school.
“While Enugu State is implementing 100 per cent supervision of teachers and schools, our parents should help the teachers, who are surrogate parents of children in schools.
“As parent, you must ask your ward about his or her performance or what happened in the school daily, either directly at home or you make a call to do that for those in boarding schools.
“Routinely, you should check his or her school bags by flipping through his notes, textbooks and other items bought for him.
“If you notice any default in his or her academic standard or having materials not belonging to him or her, you immediately start to query him or her.
“Even up to the point of meeting the teacher depending on the magnitude of what you have discovered wrong,’’ he advised.
Eze also appealed to parents to stop being bad influence and example on their children by displaying bad examples at home as regards dealing with their spouses or other grown up family members.
“We should strive to be good role models for our children to follow.
“Disagreements and misunderstanding at home for adults should be settled through dialogue and mature consultations of individuals involved.
“In doing this, we are inculcating a violence-free and rancor-free life-style on our children, which will make the society a better place,’’ he added.