Natural Help For Male Fertility Problems (I)


The rising toll of infertility in both made and female is actually putting strain on many marriages. While many women who are unable to get pregnant are blaming their spouses for sterility, the men on the other hand are also blaming their wives for not taking-in.
This blame game in marriage between spouses can lead to divorce if not managed properly. The need for family counseling has not helped the situation, especially in an African setting like ours, where male dominance and extended family influence still have a lot of role to play in marriages.
In the early 90s, there were a lot of articles reporting that sperm counts in men seem to have fallen significantly about 40 per cent since the 1930s.
After these alarming articles appeared in the press, some studies reported that there is a drop in male sperm count. From 100 million sperm to 60 million, which indicate a substantial.
Today, treating male infertility has become a multi-million industry. Medical doctors are doing everything in their powers in prescribing fertility drugs to arranging for test tube babies (invitro fertilization). These well published procedures can cost spouses upto N500,000 a piece.
Aside the low sperm count dilemma, experts believe that a lot of factors such as the environment and lifestyle have a great influence in male fertility.
A popular Nigerians naturopath, Dr. Ifeoma Chukwuma is of the opinion that just like women, men enter midlife menopause during which they experience decline in hormone and sperm count.
In her article”, Men Too Undergo-Menopause”, Dr. Chukwuma averred that menopause in men become visible with variety of symptoms such as loss of sex drive, weaker erection, less intense orgasm and fatigue.
Other symptoms according to Chukwuma include depression, weight gain around the belly, insomnia, poor concentration and memory loss. These symptoms, she further explained are signs that a man’s hormones, both in terms of their level and their ratios to one another are in a state of decline. And this becomes more visible as one passes the age of 30 years.
Thankfully, there are natural solutions for combating this Challenge and herbs are very effective.
1. Stinging Nettle: This great herb is good in revitalisation and increasing strength both in men and women. Due to its high iron content, nettle has been used over the years to improve vitality stinging. Nettle tea taken for a cause of four weeks will greatly energise one.
2. Ginseng: All Ginseng products are great sex stimulants. There are varieties including Korean, Siberian and American and they have been used since ancient times to remedy various sexual issues. Ginseng is believed to promote fertility in men. The downside of it is that overtime use can raise blood pressure.
3. Wild Yami: This herb is difficult to come by but it’s a very effective aphrodisiace for both men and women. If one cannot find wild yami, then one can make do with ordinary yam. Yam eating while counting ovulation can help women during conception.
4. Oats: Whatever brand of oats are effective. It helps for testosterone production and the energy enhancement in men. It also stimulates the hormones to be continued.