Highlight Your Natural Look With Ojongo Hair Style


Few years back, a classical woman could possibly lose her social status for merely dressing her hair with thread. She is considered awkward, out of fashion, obsolete and things like that for just a mere choice of look.
This stigma on thread hair-style, has made even young females of this generation to write off the thread fashion as an option even though it is cheap, easy to maintain and takes less time to achieve.
But do you know that this hairstyle allows you to stand out from the crowd and emphasises your individuality? A few private primary and secondary school proprietresses, who acknowledge the attention-catching potential of this hairstyle, have made it compulsory for female students to wear it in their schools.
Yes, it began in ancient times, this original Nigerian hairstyle which ranges from ojongo. elete digbakwa oky, afo nkika, some gaps, and periwinkle etc, attracts great attention and looks quite beautiful on wearers. It has remained popular among a number of young ladies.
For reasons of protection for the hair, many girls now tend to opt for it to keep their hair in good condition as well as preserve their healthy look.
With the high cost of braid in a recessive economy, nothing can be more satisfying than settling for a thread hairstyle for both outdoor and indoor activities. Just design it to your desire and your natural look is best highlighted. Happy weekend.


Sylvia ThankGod-Amadi