Expert Wants RSG To Generate Revenue From Wastes


Tonnes of wastes generated by residents in Rivers State can be converted into huge revenue base for the state government, says an environmental expert, Dr Franklin Tanee.
Speaking in an exclusive chat with The Tide, the Head of Department, Plant Science and Biotechnology at the University of Port Harcourt argued that it was high time the state government adopted waste sorting method as a way of generating funds from wastes.
Dr Tanee said the current waste disposing method does not add value to the government, or to the environment, instead lot of harm is being done to the ecosystem.
The university lecturer stated that “waste sorting” would reduce the load of waste and other non-biodegradable elements found in wastes.
He lamented that the high use and presence of plastics had made “waste sorting” indispensable, since plastics take lots of years to degrade.
“Plastics have come to be with us, but we need to do something to manage it, and one way to do so is to adopt biodegradable plastics. And majority of those plastics can be recycled”, Dr Tanee suggested.
To achieve an effective waste sorting system, the university teacher said, “the citizenry needed to be properly re-oriented, attitudinal change is very important, enforcement cannot be effective if the people do not imbibe that conscious effort to sort their wastes”.
In addition to that, he suggested that the authorities should also curb the activities of roadside markets, as they had helped in aggravating waste management challenges in the state.
“Some of those roadside markets have to be either relocated or shifted away from the roadsides. Apart from spoiling the beauty of the city, they help worsen waste dumping because wastes are generated from their markets”, Tanee noted.
He commended the ongoing effort by the Governor Wike administration in prohibiting some major streets and roads from being used by hawkers and other roadside street sellers to display their wares.