Marketing Tricks That Make You a Loyal Customer


Seeing the full pattern of strategies that are meant to lure you in is some form of art. A lot of work goes in before the promotion content is masqueraded as candy and before you know it, you have been captivated in a trap. The bait that marketers use is appealing to all your senses with new twists that will have you bend the knee as their loyal customers.

Under the blanket of the fun and flattery that come in with bonus rounds and free points are carefully designed ways that are the fuel to customer retention. To prune out competition in a market space that is rather crowded, companies have invented authentic ways and features that will control your experience and have you come back for more.

One-Stop Shop

The convenience that comes with finding all that you need in the same space is liberating. This notion has been used by marketers to curb the likelihood of people moving from one place to another in search of services. It is for this reason that spaces in malls appear illuminating as entertainment, food and rest are all under one roof.

This has been incorporated to a great extent by companies keen to retain their customers. It is no wonder then that casinos offering gambling pools also have the snack arena set aside so that you can enjoy delicious treats as you try out your chances.

More for Less

Rivals are the biggest threats to a company’s customers whether old or new. To be able to appeal to the masses, the deals that are offered by its competition. Such strategies include free trial rounds before officially becoming a member, offering a counter deal that doubles the tokens and also having enhanced features for the free rounds.

This trick serves to lure people by having advanced features in the free rounds. On being captivated by the mesmerising experiences, you will drool for a repeat of the same and for that reason you will sign up for membership. What they do not tell you is that your membership has to be upgraded for such an experience and because this is what had drawn you in the first place. Such services are a mockery and are seen as a hoax, but by the time you discover this, you will be hypnotised by the excellent features.

Every Story Counts

Companies have also been observed to appeal to the emotions of potential business drivers by customising the marketing schemes to fit an individual’s preferences. The enforcement of better rewards is conveyed to the unsuspecting customer who then sees that all the mentioned qualities fit the bill.

The twist in this would be during the viewing or opening of an account where your email is a mandatory prerequisite. Based on these ideas, your search history is tracked and the concepts that are more interesting are used as a weapon for targeting. That is when you fall victim because they offer you exactly what you need. Above all, most casinos rely on the use of extensive data for marketing and only alter a few things to fit an individual’s story.

A Good Dog Deserves a Bone

To engage loyal customers that keep coming back for either new or old services, companies change conversations and boost the retention rates through loyalty programs. Most of the players will receive such a commendable treat with open hands and within no time, the casino, for instance, will be at the top of their list. What’s more is that a game can be complemented by a snack preventing the company from suffering huge losses. It is a win-win situation and a very effective technique.

The Contests

Marketers have the art of selling an idea in a nicely packaged manner without truly showcasing their pursuits. Game contests are one of the ways that they have employed the marketing strategy to a great audience. Essentially, what players are buying when participating in contests is the chance to win big and with this comes the necessity to play big.

Offers are relayed in such an exciting way that the hype completely blinds gamers of the large stake involved. It is during such contests that VIP features and merits are brought forward, and by participating in the contest, vivid descriptions of the enhanced upgrades are made known to many.

The Topping on the Ice

The fun and thrill of gambling is multiplied by incentives such as the welcome bonus roulette offered by the house. On some specific days, points are doubled up, and monthly draws are seen to be quite enticing. This kind of classic promotions has been used as a marketing platform on the scheduled time and days. By enabling specific features to be available at a particular time, the revelation is set ahead and only by advancing can one enjoy the feature exclusively.

Relationship with the Big Wigs

To foster the relationship that the house has with members in the premium category, the company maintains a close relationship where the feedback is responded to, and the other features are conveyed. In as much as this as appears as having the clients’ interest at heart, it is a technique developed to facilitate brand loyalty by the conniving marketers.