FAAN Steps Up Security At PH Airport

An aircraft

The Management of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has beefed-up the security architecture at the Port Harcourt International Airport to combat the threat from ISIS on the airport.
This is in addition to some charges the management made some weeks ago where restriction order was placed on armed security men, not to enter the VIP/protect lounge.
The Tide observed that the tempo on security alert has increased tremendously, especially at the VIP/Protocol lounge, as notice boards have been placed at strategic positions with conspicuous inscriptions, “ban on arms carriage into the VIP lounge”.
There was also a thorough check by the FAAN Aviation security personnel (AVSEC) at the VIP boarding gate, in addition to the conspicuous notice boards banning arms/gong men from entering.
The Tide observed that officers of the AVSEC have taken the matter more seriously, as some security operatives that were used to carrying arms to that point, were being turned back.
Also, there is a high level of cooperation from the officers and men of the Nigerian Airforce, attached to the airports who are working in harmony with AVSEC.
Already, personnel of the Nigerian Airforce are now in charge and control of the various entry points of the airport with sand-bags barricade placed at the entry and exit gates.
Meanwhile, stakeholders and users of the airport have commended the efforts made by the authority to beef up security at the airport.


Corlins Walter