Delta Police Nab 73-Year-Old Rape Suspect


A 73 year-old native doctor, Joseph Umuluku has allegedly raped a 13 year-old girl(name withheld)in the bathroom at Giwa-Amu road,Okumagba Layout in Warri, Delta State.
The Tide source reports that the native doctor and the parents of the girl are residents in the same compound at Giwa-Amu Street.
It was learnt that the native doctor purportedly hypnotised the girl before he carried out the act with a threat to kill her if she tells anyone.
The victim sustained serious complications as a result of the deep penetration by the native doctor.
However, the suspect has been arrested by the Police in “B” Division led by CSP Anieteh Eyoh in Warri and is being interrogated.
The police is also helping to seek medical care to save and prevent the young girl from contacting deadly diseases.
The victim’s mother, Mrs. Ojihwere Love refused to speak with our Warri, Delta State Correspondent.
The President of the Nigerian Child Welfare Fund, Comrade Joshua Omorere confirmed the report, alleging that the suspect bragged before the police that he used charms on the girl.
Comrade Omorere said that the police authority asked both parties to go and settle the matter themselves and report back to the station.
Comrade Omorere opined that the matter should be charged to court.
In his words,”It is weighty for settlement outside court. The man must have been doing it.
“The man claimed to have done it in the bathroom in the compound they are living. They live in the same compound and threatening to kill the girl if she tells anyone.
“ He confirmed everything the girl said to the police to be true.”