2019: Stakeholders Want Women To Show Capacity


Women aspiring for political offices have been admonished to show capacity, discipline and integrity ahead of the 2019 general elections.
In an interviews with newsmen in Abuja, they also called on female aspirants to reach out to party delegates.
The National Publicity Secretary of Labour Party, Ms Ebere Ifendu on her part said that it was important for women to build trust and relationships, if they were to be successful in politics.
According to her, capacity, discipline and integrity are fundamental qualities aspirants must imbibe to secure votes from Nigerians.
“You must show capacity, discipline and integrity, it is important to be a role model if you must have a successful career in politics.
“Even men reach out to delegates; playing the sympathy card because you are women will not get the required vote.
“If you want to take politics as a career, it is important you learn the rudiments, women must reach out to the delegates to build relationship and trust,” she said.
Also, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Nigerian Women Trust Fund, Mrs Mufuliat Fijabi called for review of the delegate system of selecting party representatives.
She explained that the present system seemed to make delegates to feel too powerful.
Fijabi said that when delegates were taken over by a certain aspirant, it became very difficult for women to be victorious.
“We need to do a proper analysis of the kind of delegate system within political parties which makes it very difficult for women to become aspirants and candidates,” she added.
On the ‘Not-too-young-to-run’ Act, Fijabi urged young Nigerians, especially women, to take advantage of the Act.
She stressed that young people especially women should take advantage of the Act and be seen for the right reasons on the political scene.
According to her, the Act shows that government is responsive to the aspiration of young Nigerians who are playing positive roles in the democratic process.
In her view, Miss Henrietta Edewede, member, Nigerian Youth Parliament, also said that all the female aspirant required was to build her capacity.
“In the first place, the position is not a gift; you have to fight for it. Women will not just vote for you because you are a woman. The aspirant must show capacity and ability to deliver,” she said.