‘Forex Trading, Open For Laymen’


The Manager of Results Investment Limited, Mr. Walter Oyubu has stated the possibility for laymen to trade in currency exchange market if given the right training and information.
Oyubu, who made this known in a telephone interview with The Tide said that brokers have decided to bring people in for progress and financial upliftment.
He noted that only the multi-national companies traded in the currency exchange market before now, adding that anybody can succeed in the market “if he has the right information and puts the knowledge into use.”
Results Investment boss stated the need for business minded people to utilise the opportunity provided by the capital market to better their lots, adding that the market is sustainable and cannot be compared with ponzi scheme.
He said that the training offered by the company provides individuals the opportunity to trade on currency, daily turnover, sell of world banks instruments, light trading and finance services.
“Capital market has been before Nigeria started existing and so sustainability of the market in relation to other businesses cannot be questioned,” he said, adding that trading in crude, gas and other products are all done through the market.
“People lost hope in the market because those managing their trading do not have the right instrument in doing it. There is the need for one to know the secret and when to trade.
“The banks do not tell people what they are using their money to trade on but we are giving willing investors the opportunity of trading and making money by themselves which will definitely contribute to the growth of the economy,” he added.