The Kitchen, Cellphone And You


From time to time the social media is inundated with stories of victims of the use of Cellphones in areas where gas is emitted.
This is why in some petroleum products filling stations, it is conspicuously written “Switch Off your Cellphone here”. Beside or underneath this inscription is usually a picture of Cellphone with a barring sign to emphasise the extent of restriction of the use of cellphones in such areas.
Although many visitors and callers at filling stations find it difficult abiding by this simple but all important order, the consequences of this shear disobedience to this well intended instruction has left much to be desired.
survivors have not relented to inundate social media platforms with gory tales of their ordeals and the need for others to be more conscious and compliant.
The need for The Tide’s women’s desk to join the crusade against the use of cellphone in kitchens has become imperative given the fact that kitchen is one place where people who may not even step their feet in filling stations are found.
It is a place where gas is used for cooking purpose. Many women or people generally have been maimed or outrightly lost their lives as a result of answering calls in their kitchen where gas is in use.
Even in the glare conviction of the inherent danger, some argue that they could initiate or pick calls because their gas cylinders are not turned on. This is a big error because no one can actually ascertain whether or not a gas cylinder is tightly locked. Lady Opeyemi, a director of Osun State Ambulance was a victim of this circumstance.
Lady Opeyemi was said to have died in Osogbo while using her phone where she was refilling her gas cylinder. Very sad, she was actually celebrating her mum’s 70th birthday and she needed to go and refill as they ran out of gas while cooking. She went with her driver and right there at the filling station, she had a call which she picked.
Unfortunately, right inside the car, there was fire ignition and explosion as a result of the phone she picked close to the gas cylinder.
Opeyemi is definitely not the only one with this ugly tale but their ordeal would mean nothing to the living if no lesson is learnt from it and precautions taken to guard ourselves against such occurrence.
All that is required is to get this message into our subconscious and recite it like a rosary to family members to avoid calls in the kitchen, petrol filling stations, near functional electric generators or even using the cellphone’s touch as a source of light while attending to the need of electric generators.


Sylvia ThankGod-Amadi