Miss Prevail Becomes Author At 10


The biblical prophecy which states that “at the last days, knowledge will abound”, could best be said to have found fulfillment in the life of little Miss Prevail Ijengozi Chukwuleta, a Junior Secondary 1 (JS1) student of Golden City Academy, Agip Road, Port Harcourt.
Born 10 years ago, to the family of Rev. & Mrs Ngozi Chukwuleta, Prevail Ijengozi Chukwuleta recently launched a book titled, “Beyond Regret”.
Like every journey that begins with a step, Prevail made her debut into the litrary world while she was 8 by writing comic stories which she ignorantly shared among her classmates.
Today the Imo-born Miss Prevail is seriously warming up for a second book to her credit, “the unstoppable Destiny”, which will soon hit the book stand.
Interestingly isn’t it? However, what actually captivated the writer’s fanc, towards this little damsel, is her interest at engraving her name in the pen fraternity at such a tender age.
In an interview with The Tide’s women Editor, Sylvia ThankGod-Amadi, this beautiful creature revealed much more than any adult could ordinarily expect or even suspect of any neophyte like her.
Prevail’s adventure into the world of authors was gathered to have been provoked obviously by her passion for knowledge. Ignited by her daddy’s continuous advice to her and her siblings on the need to be great in life.
Her work, “Beyond Regret”, was outrightly a collection of sound thoughts facilitated by her observatory prowess. She converted every situation around her to create entertainment and education.
The entire content of the 24-page book; ranging from; Obinna and Chioma, The birth of Nneka, Nneka goes to University, The childhood covenant … down to Hell experience, Nneka’s old friends and success, were all informed by situations the author either personally encountered or imagined from experiences around her.
But that isn’t all about Prevail. Daddy’s advice for greatness seems to have imprinted in her a very strong desire for fame. In her words, “Immediately after I published my first book, I thought of another publication that would make me more famous”. Her desire for fame is not only about to give birth to another book, but has kept her pen ceaselessly flowing.
Although the girl, ‘Prevail, naturally radiates beauty and joy, these features of her are further consolidated by the consciousness of her status as an author, one that distinguishes her from her peers.
Like every child within her age bracket, Prevail is delighted in watching the tele, reading books as well as playing with other children in her neighbourhood as her leisure activities.
She encourages other children to read more, write stories and insists that their works are published.
However, she solicits the encouragement of the state government as well as well-spirited public individuals so that her dream and those of other budding but child-authors do not suffocate in the pipeline.


Sylvia ThankGod-Amadi