Google Making life easier


Google is an American company that specializes mainly in internet related products and services. It offers applications such as Google Chrome, Google maps, Google mail and Google photos.

Google has become a means of communication in the new age. Google allows its users to personalise their homepage with colourful themes of any choice.

Google always celebrates with its users on specific days which are celebrated globally by inserting doodles which are related to the day. For an example, on Christmas day users can have a glance of Christmas Santa on as the Google doodle.

1.       Google Chrome. This is a web browser that was developed by Google in September 2008 for windows and it was then embraced by Linux, IOS and Android. Google Chrome also serve components of running web applications. The browser is also great for playing online casino Canada games. It is very responsive and secure to aspects essential for internet casino gambling

2.       Google Mail. It is a mail platform introduced by Google for advertising purposes and for communication as well. Users can also access Gmail on any web page that has internet access to check and to send emails.

3.       Google Photos. The world has become a global village and people have many ways to interact with each other despite distance being a barrier.  Photos have become a way of communication with our loved ones. Google photos platform allows Google users to upload their pictures and keep them safe online in case one changes or loses their mobile device.

4.       Google map is an online map service developed by Google to allow internet users to have streets maps, streets views and to allow route planning when travelling by foot, car or bike. It also offers a locater for business centres, urban areas and organisations. Did you know that casinos are now have online casinos such bestusacasinosites online casino, now you can play online and stand a chance to win big.

Google is a very reliable means of searching for any kind of information in the global village. Information about sports, weather and religion can be accessible on in the palm of your hand. Thumbs up to this great invention.