Expert Tasks Women On ICT Training


Following the global quest for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) growth, women and girls have been called upon to empower themselves with training on ICT in order to add value to their lives.
An ICT expert, Engr Kelechi Princewill, made the call in an exclusive chat with The Tide last Wednesday in Port Harcourt.
He said that if more women and girls could join the ICT industry by obtaining the required training, that the global quest for ICT enhancement would be met.
Princewill, a graduate of Auchi Polytechnic, noted that women and girls in most case show more dedication to skill acquisition than their male counterparts.
He explained that women generally have the intellectual capacity to attend to many issues the same time and still make the best out of their chosen field.
The telecommunication engineer major, noted that, if women and girls could empower themselves on ICT skills, that it would enable them impact positively on their immediate families and the entire world.
He maintained that ICT has taken over all the sectors of the economy and would take its expected position, if the female folk could cue in.
According to her , it would be very difficult for any innovation or discovery to replace the ICT due to the current global happenings and successful break-through via the use of ICT.
On how to achieve the aim, he said a special ICT training centre could be built by the women around market and other public areas.
With that, he reasoned that more women would indicate interest in ICT business.
Also, he called on governments at all levels to desist from the tradition of financial empowerment, but should pay more attention to skill acquisition, and added that it is more beneficial.