Intense Heat, Product Of Pollution -Expert


An Environmentalist, Mr John Ekoko, says the intense heat experienced across the country is caused by pollution and degradation of the environment.
Ekoko, a former Chairman, Nigerian Environmental Society, Lagos Island Chapter, made this known in an interview with newsmen in Lagos last Thursday.
“Now, its clear that through our inaction, we have seriously degraded the environment because this is at the heart of preserving the quality of life in the urban area.
“There is a study going on in Nigeria today about carbon footprint.
“You find out that there are few green areas even in Lagos today. Areas that were green 10 years, 15 years ago are now red.
“Heat is very heavy because a lot of carbon dioxide has been released into the atmosphere and you know these things, they sort of cover the sun ray; so there is carbon sequestration.
“Then we must start by understanding what practices actually pollute the environment; then come up with acceptable action plan to managing it.
“Let’s look at the Vehicle Emission Policy, you cannot use aggressive enforcement to ensure compliant; it is education.
Ekoko also said that the state government should improve on its efforts of protecting the environment, adding that more funds should be provided for research on environmental issues.
He called for the increase of preservation areas and games reserves in the country to redress the ongoing climate violation.
Ekoko added that it would now be a miracle to see up to 10 elephants in the Yankari Game Reserve, which used to have over 100 elephants in the 1970’s.