Again, No To Same Sex Marriage


Recently, there was a renewed push for same sex marriage in Nigeria and other Commonwealth countries by the western nations.
During the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) held in Westminster, United Kingdom, last month, the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, urged Nigeria and other Commonwealth nations to revoke laws banning same sex marriage. In a very impudent manner of seducing Nigeria into this despicable, immoral act, the United Kingdom offered to support any Commonwealth member that revokes its anti-same sex marriage laws.
It was not the first time western nations would attempt to lure Nigeria, nay Africa, to abandon its agelong family structure. In the last few years, Nigeria has been under intense pressure from the western world to have a possible shift in its anti-gay stance.
The Tide recalls that the United States of America under former President Barrack Obama had attempted to surreptitiously foist gay marriage on Nigeria to no avail.
Besides Nigeria’s criminal laws which forbid gay acts and union, the country, under former President Goodluck Jonathan, had on January 13, 2014, approved an anti-same sex law (Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Law) with stringent penalties for homosexual relationships. Under the law, gay persons and homosexuals risk up to 14 years imprisonment upon conviction.
We urge the present administration to also foreclose the issue by always affirming Nigeria’s position on gay marriage and rights. Sodomy is against the country’s law, and abhorrent to the African culture.
We note that Nigerian citizens, in spite of their diversity in religion, tribe and language, have vehemently and in near unanimity resisted and rejected the same sex marriage proposition. This is a clear affirmation that the country, in spite of its unlimited absorptive capacity and attendant erosion of some of its values, still cherishes and places premium on its matrimonial culture.
The new move by the western world to lure Nigeria and other sovereign nations into abandoning their most cherished matrimonial culture of man-to-woman relationship is, therefore, despicable, worrisome and must be vehemently resisted.
We are not unaware of the fact that in recent time, there has been a global rising tide of acceptance and tolerance, especially in Western democracies, of such grotesquerie as lesbian, gay, bisexual, homosexual and transgender lifestyle. While the Western nations are at liberty to condone or legalise such iniquities and absurdities, they should remember that Nigeria, just like any other country, is also a sovereign nation upon which no other country can impose its own warped, incongruous value system, culture, ideology or lifestyle.
It is against this backdrop that we consider the latest western pressure on Nigeria to embrace an alien, yet immoral and undivine lifestyle as an assault on Nigeria’s traditional family structure. Nigeria’s freedom of thought, belief and value systems are sacrosanct and therefore, should be respected.
More worrisome and slighting is the British Prime Minister’s offer of the United Kingdom’s readiness to support any Commonwealth member that revokes its anti-same sex marriage laws. What an insult!
We, therefore, warn Nigeria against the UK’s Greek gift. Nigeria must be vigilant and be ready to resist the temptation of accepting any support or assistance, no matter how attractive, that is premised on destruction of our agelong family tradition and value.
Nigeria, no doubt, has a very beautiful traditional family system that celebrates and respects the union of man and woman as decreed by God. This divine dignity, therefore, should not be negotiated or sacrificed on the altar of any mundane offer, no matter how mouth-watering it is.