‘Australian Police Can Now Demand ID At Airports’

Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull has announced that police will be given increased powers to check anyone’s identity at airports without justification.
According to Turnbull, the new laws will give police powers to demand IDs and order anybody to leave the airport without having to state a reason.
Australians have not previously had to carry identification and police had to establish a reason to stop people to ask who they were or order them to leave any premises.
Report says the increased police powers came after the government announced it would install full body scanners and advanced x-ray equipment at major and regional airports.
Turnbull cited the recent “brutal” terrorist attacks in the Indonesian city of Surubaya as evidence of the threat posed by terrorists in the region.
“It reminds us of the need to be ever vigilant.
“Police are being trained to observe behaviour.
“They pay very close attention to people who are looking anxious or you know, creating a suspicious environment,’’ Turnbull said earlier on Melbourne Radio 3AW.
Greens Senator Nick McKim said the extra police powers to demand ID for no reason was “a hallmark of police states.”