E-business Expo: Expert Harps On Multiple Income Streams


The General Manager of Rally Trading Company, Mr Michael Akinwale has stated the need for multiple streams of income to keep one’s business alive.
Speaking during the e-business exposition in Port Harcourt last weekend, Akinwale expressed concern over men and women who depend on one source of income or business, adding that employments, businesses and financial generation are striving online than analog in the present dispensation.
Akinwale said that every business in the 21st century could be done online, adding that digital businesses grow faster and even in expansion.
He stated the need for applicants and distressed business men and women to embrace e-commerce (online) businesses which involves buying and selling.
On E-currencies trading, he noted that one can succeed without human connection and strength, adding that it only requires intelligence and ability to read and monitor the performance of financial instruments like shares, bonds and foreign currencies.
Akinwale, who is also the Head, Public Relations/Marketing, Forex Time Limited (FXTM) said his company offers training on diverse financial instruments, which could change the situation of traders.
Akinwale who holds a Masters degree in Business Administration, Business School, Netherland and Second Masters in Edinburgh Business School, said that trading in financial instruments can be rewarding, adding “if you do not find a way to make money while you are sleeping, you would work all through your life”.
He noted that the monies stuck in saving accounts with little or no interest can be used for online currency trading and business.
In an interview with The Tide shortly after the exposition one of the participants, Mr Emmanuel Okoh commended the organisers, stating that the training “is an eye opener to the many opportunities existing online.
He noted that people are poor due to ignorance or lack of action in utlising existing business opportunities.